What Affects the Length of Your Wedding Photo Booth Rental?

This article will enumerate four factors affecting the duration of your hired wedding photo booth. Make sure to read on to learn more today! =

After couples say “I do” at the altar, it's time to dive into exciting wedding receptions. These four to six-hour celebrations are a time to socialise with loved ones and witness happy partners. It's also the best time to dance, laugh, eat, drink, and create cherished memories that last for a lifetime. 

One of the best ways to capture these moments is through a wedding photo booth hire. However, as you plan your big day, you may wonder how long you should rent this essential for your party. It will help you maximise your investment, plan the reception’s timing, and ensure a stress-free celebration. This step will also help your guests not feel overwhelmed or rushed while taking pictures.

If you want to create a memorable reception experience for you and the guests, this article will enumerate four factors affecting the duration of your hired wedding photo booth.

1. Budget

Like other significant investments for your big day, your budget is crucial in determining the duration of your hired wedding photo booth. This vital aspect will also know how much you’re willing to spend on this service. Since most photo booth rental companies charge hourly rates, remember that the longer you plan to have it at your event, the more you’ll need to pay. You should also know that the costs will differ depending on their setup and what you expect from the service. 

If you can afford to splurge during your big day, you can keep it in the venue longer. However, if you have limited financial resources, you should choose a rental period aligning with crucial parts of your event. 

2. Customisations

Although hiring a photo booth can help make your wedding special, it may not always be enough to make it memorable. For that reason, many couples want to customise this essential to be unique and allow for more creative opportunities. It also enables them to display their favourite colours and themes. 

If you opt for a digital booth, guests can take silly photos, GIFs, videos, or boomerangs. In contrast, a print booth allows guests to take multiple pictures in different layouts. However, printing takes extra time, and they often wait to receive their photographs before moving on to other activities. Therefore, you should consider these factors when deciding how long to rent the booth and what will be the most enjoyable customisations for everyone. 

3. Location 

When picking the rental hours for your hired wedding photo booth, you must also consider where to place it. You could book a shorter rental time if you set it up in the same room as the wedding reception. However, if you want to place the booth in a separate location, you may need to opt for a longer rental time to give guests enough time to find it and take photographs. 

4. Number of Guests 

The number of people attending your wedding party affects how long you’ll rent your hired photo booth. Remember that the more guests at your wedding, the longer the service should be available to accommodate everyone and allow them to enjoy the backgrounds and props. It’s also crucial to ensure they don’t feel rushed or wait in long lines. 

If you host a large gathering with about 300 guests, you should book the booth for four to five hours to allow everyone to take multiple photos, try out the props, and feel comfortable in front of the camera. However, if you’re only having approximately 70 guests, a two-hour rental should be sufficient.

Picture-Perfect Memories on the Dancefloor

Hiring a wedding photo booth can help you capture cherished memories during your big day, but you must ensure nobody feels overwhelmed or rushed trying it. You can maximise your investment and make the celebration memorable by considering your budget, guests, venue, and customisations. 

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