Here Are 7 Fabulous Ideas to Create a Memorable Hen Party

From hiring a photo booth to playing paintball, here are fabulous ideas to help create a memorable hen party with your best girls. Check out this article to know more!

Weddings are an emotionally overwhelming experience for anyone, where nearly four out of ten brides-to-be experience jitters before their big day. It can also be highly stressful since the brides are usually those involved in planning. 

For this reason, they organise hen parties with their best mates to celebrate their last days of singlehood. It’s also the best time to reconnect with friends, share stories, and shower best wishes. However, you don’t need to limit yourself from going to your local pub for a night of clubbing and drinking. 

From hiring a photo booth to playing paintball, here are fabulous ideas to help create a memorable hen party with your best girls. 

1. Hire a Photo Booth 

Your wedding day is fast approaching, and you want to capture all the fun with your favourite people. Hiring a photo booth for your hen night is the best way to capture genuine moments into long-lasting memories. You and your guests can take plenty of fun and exciting snaps to remember the evening. 

2. Record a Song

This idea works best for brides-to-be who have always wanted to be a singer. While going to karaoke or open mike nights is fun, you may need to do more to create a memorable hen party and wedding. For this reason, it’s always best to rent a professional recording studio for a few hours and record an original song. 

You can also make your wedding day more special by surprising your partner and playing the recording as a special gift.

3. Try Out an Escape Room

Escape rooms are a great way to bond with a group. While they originated in Japan, they’re recently gaining popularity in Sydney. They provide a unique and exciting experience for hen parties and can help you socialise with others. 

It also allows everyone to sharpen their problem-solving skills and creativity and use their imaginations to solve puzzles and complete the challenge. 

4. Play Paintball

Getting down and dirty by playing paintball is a great way to have fun before your wedding without leaving town. While it can be an affordable way to blow off some steam, ensure that no one shoots the bride-to-be with paintballs unless they’re the maid of honour!

5. Hire a Party Bus 

Hiring a party bus works best if you want to organise a hen in the capital. Let the fun begin as you climb onto one of the luxury buses, roam the capital’s streets, party the night away, and make long-lasting memories while staying safe!

6. Treat Yourselves to a Spa Day

There’s no better feeling than booking a spa day, especially after a stressful wedding planning session. Research shows that men prefer going to the spa with their significant other, while women like to go alone or with their girlfriends. 

If you’re hosting a hen party, take this opportunity to bond with your best girls and enjoy a luxurious spa day! It’s also crucial to find one that best fits your budget. 

7. Go Out for Afternoon Tea 

Visiting your local tea houses for afternoon tea is a sophisticated yet inclusive way to celebrate, especially if you have loved ones of different ages joining the party. It’s the perfect time to enjoy delicate sandwiches, sweet cakes, scones, and tea flavours. 

Capturing Genuine Pre-wedding Memories

Hen parties are the best opportunities for future brides to bond with their loved ones and savour their last days of being single. Hiring a photo booth and finding other fun activities can help you create a memorable night before your big day. 

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