Fun Photo Booth Ideas for Your Engagement Party

Living in an ever-evolving world, time moves incredibly fast. Months and years can go by…

Living in an ever-evolving world, time moves incredibly fast. Months and years can go by just like that, and it makes you wonder what you’re missing out on. So, don’t let the most precious moments slip away. Instead, make time to celebrate both the small and big events in your life! It could be a birthday, graduation, promotion, or a grand milestone in relationships, such as an engagement.

When you get the chance to be engaged, don’t just announce it! Instead, throw one hell of a party to gather all your friends and family. Yes, it’s high time we make engagement parties a thing for everyone! Celebrations such as engagement parties don’t have to be grand and lavish; they can also be fun and intimate! Invite your friends over, host a big dinner, have an open bar, and hire a photo booth. It could be that simple!

Commemorate this event by utilising all the features of a photo booth. Here are some ideas you could use:

Idea #1: Have A Custom Backdrop

Now’s the time to call in your artist friends. Have a trusted artist buddy curate the theme of your party, and use the colour motifs or graphics to customise your photo booth backdrop.

For example, blow up a background of your dream destination, or blow up a photograph of you and your partner. This is an excellent way to turn an ordinary party into a unique one.

Idea #2: Provide A Wide Variety Of Props

Inject loads of fun in an engagement party by adding props!

Provide your guests with props according to the theme. For example, add in some giant rings that they can wear, speech bubbles that say “she said yes!” or “will you be my maid-of-honour?” to mix things up a bit and turn the photo booth into a party itself!

Wouldn’t that be entertaining? Your guests will surely keep coming back for more.

Idea #3: Host An Instagram Party

Indeed, not everyone will be able to make it to your gathering. To extend the party to social media, have your photo booth rental team develop customised frames that guests can use and share in real-time. Make sure you incorporate a unique design so you can also use it for your wedding day!

Idea #4: Make It A Video Booth

Not many people know that you can take videos using the photo booth. But now that you do, utilise this feature and encourage your guests to leave their video messages for the future married couple! Have them saved in a USB drive or sent to your email.

Idea #5: Play A Game

The best photo booth shots are the hilarious ones. A great game to play at your party is to have guests recreate your proposal and reenact it through the photo booth! Make sure to prepare a prize for the best photo!

Idea #6: Go Home With The Goodies

If your guests can take home their copies, you should be able to take home something for you, too. Request for a custom scrapbook from your photo booth rental team so you can commemorate this event and be able to look back on it whenever you want.

Additionally, you can get these scrapbooks customised as well.


No, celebrations don’t have to cost you a fortune. When it comes to engagement parties, their primary purpose is to have a good time with the people you and your partner are closest to. And to enjoy this time with chosen friends and family, add details such as a fun photo booth to make this special event unique and memorable!

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