Event Planning: Creating a Common Event Objective (Part 1)

There is no event that is easy to plan. No matter how many people you’re…

There is no event that is easy to plan. No matter how many people you’re inviting or what it’s for, there is always going to be a hiccup in the process. But you can avoid some mistakes if you properly form a common event objective.

Event objectives are what the event is for and what you want your participants to get out of it. While you can have plenty of secondary objectives, you need to plan for one primary objective that you need to succeed in before considering others. Here are some guidelines to help you determine what that is:

Know Your Audience

The reason to host events is to entertain the audience. If you’re not playing to their interest, they might as well not be there.

Corporate Formal

If you are planning a corporate event, consider what you want them to get out of the experience. Are you appealing to amateurs getting started in the field? Perhaps the objective has to be for them to get sufficient and updated introductory knowledge that they won’t learn in classes. Make your event something everyone can understand.

But if your audience is experts in the field that to whom you want to present alternative ideas, your objective can lean towards persuading them to believe your insights.


Events that are more personal such as weddings and birthday parties, still need to consider the people invited. If it’s a family-friendly event, you might not want your objective to be “for guests to party like crazy” but rather “for everyone to have fun” with activities lined up for both kids and adults.

Adult events like weddings can lift the child safety lock if you request that guests are not allowed to bring small children. The objective for weddings is to celebrate the bride and groom, so the event has to honour the couple the best way possible.

Give Guests Something Fun To Do

People should be given breathers whether they’re attending a workshop or sitting for hours at a ceremony. Here are some universally great ideas for events of all kind:

Snack Station

Everyone gets hungry from hour-long events. Not giving your guests anything to munch on can sour the mood very quickly. Choose finger food like sandwiches or cookies that they can snack on throughout the day.

Souvenir Table

Tokens are a great way to give your guests a souvenir to remember the event. Useful trinkets like mugs or pretty wrapped chocolates will do great.

Photo Booth

Photos are one of the best things that people can bring home from experience. It captures memories so well and is a fun thing to do with colleagues and friends.


No matter what event you’re planning, one of the most important things is that your guests have a good time. Whether you’re hosting a conference or planning a wedding, there needs to be some form of entertainment that keeps them on their toes. In part two, we will explore why elements like fun photo booths make events more memorable.

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