8 Simple Open Air Wedding Photo Booth Ideas You Can Use

Are you looking for some unique wedding photo booth ideas? We've compiled a list of…

Are you looking for some unique wedding photo booth ideas? We’ve compiled a list of unique ideas you can incorporate into your special event. Read on!

What Is A Wedding Photo Booth?

A wedding photo booth is a specifically prepared area that serves as the backdrop for guests’ pictures. Photo booths for weddings have become an essential component of the celebration, as they facilitate the creation of amusing wedding photos in a simple manner. They can be utilized as a decorative feature or as part of the overall composition. You may select from various options and photograph guests in amusing, relaxing, romantic, and one-of-a-kind ways.

1. A Large Chalkboard

A large blackboard as a wedding backdrop is a fantastic creative concept that will help the newlyweds and the guests. On the board, you may put wishes for the pair, witty remarks, and create pictures. You may also buy chalk paint or stickers with a chalk surface.

2. Kaleidoscope Photo Booth

The kaleidoscope effect may be created digitally (by processing the photos) or physically (by placing mirrors in front of the photo booth). We prefer tangible experiences because it is so much more satisfying to have something to see and touch. Use this in conjunction with a GIF photo booth to create a highly interactive and one-of-a-kind event.

3. Dyed Fabric Backdrop

A simple cloth backdrop with a boho, creative atmosphere is ideal for weddings and outdoor events. It’s effortless to make—suspend the fabric from a copper pipe. Change up the colors and combinations to create your look.

4. Vintage Light Bulbs

Often, the most exemplary photo booth ideas are the simplest. In this case, all you’ll need are a few antique light bulbs. Hang them from an arch, fence, or other structure, being careful to vary the heights to provide visual interest.

You may pair this with a simple cloth background for a more sophisticated and professional aesthetic that would work even for formal business occasions.

5. Antique Doors

These ancient doors make an ideal background for an outdoor wedding. You may either make one yourself or get one from a prop rental company—there is typically one in every city, with a wide variety of props to pick from.

6. Faux Framed Wall

A fake framed wall is a beautiful method to offer a backdrop for wedding photo booth photos. The wall is free to interpretation, so you may design and build it as you like. The most significant idea would be to keep it on the same theme as the wedding.

Chairs and a table may provide the illusion of a space, adding a funny aspect to the photos. Even great with wall-framed holes for others to poke their heads through.

7. Ribbons

There are several ways to utilize ribbons to create a photo booth, but the simplest is to pull a rope and tie ribbons of various textures on it. If there is wind, you should weigh the ends of the ribbons to keep this beautiful photo booth backdrop from blowing away. Such weights (little pictures, pompoms, and postcards) can be included in the design of the photo zone. You may hang them on the tree with lights or lamps nearby.

8. Books

Are you tired of the same old wedding photo booth ideas? Make something fresh out of old books by stacking one on top of the other. This type of picture zone isn’t ideal for thematic weddings, but it’s perfect for group shots.


A photo booth provides the couple with a plethora of additional, more candid photos that the wedding photographer would not have been able to get otherwise. As a guest, a photo booth provides an alternative to dancing and, if prints are used, doubles as a party favor.

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