7 Tips to Have a Good Photo Booth Setup In Your Event

Photo booths are the most visited features of your event and have the longest lineup…

Photo booths are the most visited features of your event and have the longest lineup in a party aside from the buffet area. They give life to the party, and they are the perfect party favour of all time. Moreover, you can pop them up anywhere.

Although photo booths are an easy feature to set up, you still need to ensure that you’re doing the right thing to make your guests feel satisfied with the photos. Here’s a list of the things you can do to produce a good photo booth setup for your event.

1. Avoid Choosing The Wrong Backdrop

Whether you’re the organiser or the host, it’s essential to know the proper background suitable for the event. You need to ensure that your background complements the party’s theme and type so that the photos will come out like it is meant for the party. Choosing the wrong backdrop is a major turn-off for guests, and worse, they may end up not utilising the booth.

2. Let The Most Important Guests Use The Photo Booth First

Before everyone lines up in the booth, make sure to let the VIPs, such as your immediate family, use the booth first. Sometimes, photo booths can only run for a limited time, and the essential people get so busy throughout the party that they forget to drop by the booth. When you let them go first, you can guarantee that you’ll see their faces in the camera roll once the event is over.

3. Ensure Group Photos Can Fit

Sometimes, the guests’ fun gets a little bit uncontrollable, and they all want to take a picture in the photobooth altogether. You can prepare for this scenario by making sure that your photo booth can fit group photos. Otherwise, inform the guests beforehand about how many can fit in the booth so they won’t end up getting cramped in one single frame.

4. Be Creative With Props And Layout

A good photo booth must have creative props and layout to upgrade the fun. You can play around with the props according to the theme of the event. Once the photo is produced, you can also add some customised logos or texts for the best photo experience. The good thing about photo booths is that the options and creativity are endless, so you can do anything you want with them.

5. Make The Photos Compatible On Social Media

Another thing to consider is to make the image file compatible with any social media platform. Since people are now inclined to posting online, it’s a no-brainer that photo booth images be social-media friendly. Having the photos posted online will also be a promotional opportunity if you’re a business. In addition, make sure that the images can be rendered instantly with high-quality resolution and lighting.

6. Place The Booth In A High-Traffic Area

Even if photo booths are popular and people look forward to them, you still need to ensure that their presence is visible to maximise their use. You wouldn’t want to waste the opportunity of having a booth in your event; you need to flex the booth and ensure that people can access and see it immediately so they can unlimitedly use it during the event.

7. Align The Booth With The Event’s Theme

Your photo booth should be perfect for whatever the event’s theme is so it won’t look awkward or out of place. It’s essential, especially if the setup is for professional gatherings, high-level guests and classy company parties. A photo booth that’s aligned with the event’s theme evokes professionalism and high-quality service.


If you’re still having doubts about whether to include photo booths in your budget, we highly suggest investing in one so you can have an added feature to make your event more engaging and entertaining for your guests. You don’t have to spend much buying all the tools and equipment since there are affordable photo booth rentals that you can explore.

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