6 Ideas to Throw the Best Indoor Birthday Party for Your Child

From hiring a photo booth to smashing piñatas, we put together our six best picks to help you host the best indoor birthday party for your little one. Read on!

Being a parent means creating lasting memories with your child, especially during birthdays. Your child's birthday is one of the significant life milestones they should share with family and friends, and you'd want to find different ways to make it enjoyable. 

However, sometimes the weather has other plans that could ruin the outdoor fun. Fortunately, you can still throw a memorable party indoors that won't damage your home. 

From hiring a photo booth to smashing piñatas, we put together our six best picks to help you host the best indoor birthday party for your little one. 

1. Hire a Photo Booth

The amusing photos make the best keepsakes for guests, especially if you want to print the pictures after taking them. As a successful party host, you must find ways to entertain guests of all ages while they wait. And for this reason, we highly encourage you to hire a photo booth for your child's indoor birthday party. 

Hiring professional photo booths allows you to set them up anywhere that won't take up much floor space. You can also choose the photo booth's props and background based on the party theme. Moreover, your photo booth provider may provide unique add-ons like photo effects, photo albums, and social media features. 

2. Make Slime 

Several children love playing with slime because it's a calming way to stimulate their senses. Whether you want to create a gooey or fluffy slime, it's relatively easy to make, and you can use different ingredients. 

There are endless slime-making tutorials on YouTube that use child-safe ingredients. You can make a fun and customisable slime experience for everyone by providing food colouring and glitter. After everyone creates their slimes, you can give them small decorated mason jars or colourful boxes to store their creations safely. 

3. Get a Piñata

Fortunately, your children can still enjoy candy indoors if you buy a pull-string piñata instead of the traditional ones. Pull-string piñatas have a trap door that will only open with one string. You can make it more interesting for children by attaching multiple threads to the bottom of the piñata so they can guess which is the correct string. 

After they crack it open, you can fill it with small goodie bags instead of loose candy to avoid the chaos for goodies that come with smashing a traditional piñata. 

4. Play Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Whether you host a party indoors or outdoors, you can never go wrong with pinning the tail on the donkey. Start by printing a large picture of a tailless donkey and set it up at the children's eye level. Next, use cardboard or paper to create donkey tails and attach a tack at each end. 

Let the children queue up, take turns to be blindfolded and spun around gently thrice. Then, allow them to pin the tail on the donkey. Whoever gets the closest to the donkey wins the game. 

5. Freeze Dance 

If you want your little ones to let their energy out without running around the house, hosting a game of freeze dance is your best choice. 

Start by keeping everyone at least an arm's length from one another to avoid injuries. The rules are simple: Everyone must dance while playing the music and stay still if you switch it off. You'll eliminate anyone who moves. The last one standing wins! 

6. Play Bingo 

To keep everyone occupied without children sprinting around the house, you can play a quiet game of bingo. You can find printable bingo cards online to match your child's party theme. You can also use small toys or candy as bingo markers. 

Snapping One for the Album

Rainy days can be discouraging for any children's party, but the party must go on. Hiring a photo booth and hosting relaxing indoor games helps everyone to enjoy a memorable birthday indoors. 

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