4 Ways a Photo Booth Can Help Improve Corporate Events

We know that you’re always on the lookout for new ways to spice up your…

We know that you’re always on the lookout for new ways to spice up your corporate events. And while you can approach this from a multitude of ways, we highly recommend that you hire a photo booth for your next event.

There’s a reason photo booths have quickly become mainstays in corporate events. This is mainly because they not only make the experience more enjoyable for the attendees but also serve a purpose for your business.

If you need more convincing about this solution, we’ve prepared a list of four ways photo booths can help improve your corporate events!

They Make A Good First Impression

The photo booth is one of the first things that your attendees will see upon arrival at your event. This will help catch their attention and make a good first impression regarding the event that’s about to take place. While it may seem trivial at first, remember that the little things matter when it comes to events like this. To get the most out of the photo booths, it would be best to use personalised backdrops that carry your branding. This introduces your brand to the attendees and also allows them to interact with your brand directly!

They Engage The Attendees

Speaking of interacting with your brand, a photo booth is also a great way to engage your attendees. The last thing you want is for your event to be static and boring. By involving those in attendance, even in a small way like this, you make the event infinitely more enjoyable for them. This will be a nice change of pace, as the rest of the event will otherwise be straightforward and formal.

Be sure to ask your photo booth provider if they can supply you with props so that your attendees can be creative with their photos. You’ll also want to hire a photo booth that lets your guests use the booths as much as they want. Luckily, our event booths come with unlimited photos so that your guests can take photos with no limits!

They Build Up Brand Awareness

While we’ve talked about how having a photo booth is good for your guests, it can also be quite helpful for your business. To get the most out of the photo booth, be sure to upload the photos on social media. This instantly creates engaging content as the attendees will share the photos on their accounts as well. Their benefits don’t end here as you can even make use of the photos for your company’s social media and marketing campaigns.

They Function As A Souvenir

By having a photo booth at your corporate event, you instantly have something that your attendees can take home with them. Modern photo booths can instantly print out high-quality photographs. So, the photo booth not only gives them a space to enjoy themselves during the event but also gives them a souvenir that they can remember the event by!


We hope that this article has convinced you to get a photo booth for your next corporate event.

Remember that photo booths provide event attendees with a space to have fun and cut loose at an otherwise formal event. They also give your business free marketing material for social media and future campaigns!

If you’re looking to hire a photo booth in Sydney, NSW, Star Events Hire has got you covered! Our comprehensive photo booth packages are curated to ensure that we include everything that will enhance your corporate events. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!