3 Reasons You Should Get a Photo Booth for Your Wedding

With your wedding plans lining up and your final scheduled date right around the corner,…

With your wedding plans lining up and your final scheduled date right around the corner, the level of anticipation, excitement, and nervousness are most likely rolled up into one big ball of tension.

As someone who has attended many weddings, it’s impossible not to see the whole process of planning your own celebration as nerve-wracking because of your high expectations. Seeing that this is your big day, you definitely don’t want to feel like you “could have made it better” long after you checked out of your honeymoon suite.

By the time you get to the last few items on your list and facilitate a final batch of payments and adjustments, you might actually be missing something that will make your wedding memorable in the eyes of its attendees.

A Memorable Idea Worth Using

While it is undoubtedly true that your wedding is something that is planned around you and your significant other, it also pays to think about those in attendance. In fact, without most of the people on your guest list, your relationship may never have flourished or gone through its roughest patches as well as it should have!

With the freshly-minted idea of giving all attendees something to remember from your wedding, you have a bigger problem: you don’t know what to choose as a memorable giveaway. But here’s an idea that’s worth considering: having a photo booth set up at your reception!

Why Should You Go With A Photo Booth?

Yes, it’s true—photo booths are usually something that most of us associated with events like corporate shindigs, birthday parties, grand openings, and launches. However, the one thing many people don’t realise about hiring the services of Start Events Hire is that it’s also a perfect way to ensure that everyone attending a wedding finds the whole event more memorable.

If you’re not entirely sure about why you should get a photo booth for your special day, here are a few compelling reasons to consider:

Reason #1: It Is A Simple Yet Impactful Giveaway

Up until this point, you may have dabbled into the idea of getting things like trinkets, food, and goodie bags as giveaways for your guests. But the problem with these things is that they’re not exactly memorable (and they’re easy to lose). Fortunately, photo booths help solve this common wedding conundrum because instant-print photos act as amazing giveaways that each one of your guests will want to hold onto forever!

Reason #2: It Helps People Get In The Mood

Whenever people see photo booths, their natural reaction is to loosen up and get into the celebratory spirit because being tense doesn’t make for the best photos. Once your guests hop into the booth and get their three or four shots, they’ll come out a bit more relaxed and in a partying mood—which is perfect if you really want your event to liven up!

Reason #3: It Gives You More Wedding Photos To Keep

If you want a simple, quick, and easy way to capture the more personal side of your wedding while your hired photographers take care of the more emotional aspect, then a photo booth is the way to go. After your reception wraps up, your hired service will give you access to all the photos from your wedding photo booth. Through each collage that you see, you’ll have a perfect reminder of just how special the wedding was not only to you but to those in attendance as well!


Although there is a near-endless list of things that you need to worry about while planning your wedding, one consideration that you should make sooner or later is to hire a photo booth for your reception. With this simple yet impactful addition, you’ll be able to significantly enrich the experience that your loved ones and friends have during your special day!

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