Cute and Funny Pose Ideas for a Photo Booth Shoot

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An event photo booth can add another element of fun to any celebration. Not only that, but it also gives the host and the attendees some fun and awesome photo souvenirs.

The thing is, there are people who are not naturally comfortable with the idea of having their photos taken. They end up having awkward photo booth printouts! Because you want to slay your photo booth game and get the most epic shots, you better come to a party prepared with some awesome poses for when you step into the photo booth.

Here are some great ideas from Star Events Hire:

Solo Poses

If you are a star, then you should shine! You can be as wacky as you want with your poses and use all the props available to you. The photos can be a great reminder that you can have fun on your own!

Cheesy Couple Poses

If you’re a part of a great duo, make sure you commemorate that with some romantic and sweet shots in the photo booth. There are props like hearts, and if you’re at a wedding, it’s likely that there are bouquets and veils that you can use for your very own wedding-inspired photos.

Ladies-Only Group Poses

Call all your girlfriends for some fun shots in the booth to celebrate friendship and girl power! You can get as quirky and funny as you like, or you can be divas in the photos. No matter what route you choose, you’ll surely have great photos and a fun memory with your gal pals.

Windy-Day Poses

If you are up for some fun in that photo booth, you can pretend that it’s really windy and make poses like you’re struggling to walk straight because of the strong winds. See if there’s a fan that you can use to make this more realistic, you can even pose backward while trying to hold onto your hat!

Epic Dance Move Poses

Are you a dancer? No? It doesn’t matter—no one can tell just by looking at your photos anyway! Try the Macarena, the moonwalk, the Single Ladies, the Roger Rabbit, and the Gangnam style poses, and everybody will think you’re an expert dancer (or that you’re someone who just likes weird poses)!

Get Wiggy with It Poses

Most photo booths come with a variety of fun and colorful wigs that you can try. Take it a step further and come up with a different personality for each wig that you’ll try. You can also match the wigs with other props like hugs, sunglasses, and costumes.

Serve It Like a Supermodel Poses

Whether you’re going solo with a friend, or it’s like a reunion in a photo booth, you can serve it like a fabulous supermodel. Make the most of the shots you have and do the fiercest poses you can think of. Miranda Kerr could only wish!


A party photo booth rental can be an awesome source of fun in any event. The key to making the best photos is not to take things too seriously! There’s a reason they have all those crazy wigs and props in there. Inside a photo booth is the one place where the silliest person is the clear winner, so prepare your funniest poses or use some of the ideas shared in this article so you’ll be hailed the photobooth master!

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